young-officeEmployment Ontario provides people who are out of work and out of school with the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge needed to find—and keep—a job. The objective of Employer Services is to connect employers who are willing to provide on-the-job training and work experience with people eager and ready to be trained and to become fully productive member of the workforce.

Employers, who operate a business in Ontario, who are looking to hire staff, may benefit from Employment Ontario if they are willing to:

  • Provide quality supervision and training,
  • Develop a comprehensive training plan prior to the training and
  • Provide opportunities for job trials on the job training placements, or ongoing employment.

Employers can benefit from Employment Ontario’s free employer services as we:

  • Save employers time and money in the hiring process by identifying suitable candidates for the job, and pre-screening eligible participants
  • Assist the employee in developing a training plan
  • Support the employer through monitoring the participant’s on the job progress
  • Provide training incentives to defray some of the training costs

Through this program, employers are able to find the right person for the job, and may reduce costs associated with training a new employee.