MPOWER! PROJECT is designed to assist youth ages 15-30 navigate the job market and successfully attain employment or return to education. This program focuses on coaching through mental and physical health challenges that my be acting as a barrier to attaining employment or finishing education.


Caitlin Hopkins

Kallie Garcia

Karey Castro


Program Facilitator

Program Facilitator (Lead)

Job Developer

Program Process

Eligible and suitable participants participate in 9 weeks of PAID training and work towards attaining a paid job placement with the support of the Program Facilitators as well as a Job Developer.

Can I participate?

To participate in the program we first need to meet with you to figure out if this is your next step! Participants should: be a youth ages 15-30, not currently employed or in education and facing barriers to attaining employment.



– 9 Weeks of PAID training

– Support from staff

– Focuses on individuals needs

– 12 Week paid job placement




Job Placement

After completing the paid training we assist you in finding a paid job placement, where we provide a wage subsidy to the employer to cover things like training costs etc. 

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