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Job Title:


 Parts Department


Work Hours: 40 – 44 hrs / wk   Mon – Friday 7:45am – 5 -:15 pm
Wage $15.00 – $22.00 / hr depending on qualifications an experience
Anticipated Start Date: As soon as possible
Location: Collingwood
Job Description Full Day:

Come in, check emails regarding parts orders. (OEM Vendors, Progi, Aftermarket Vendors)Print off emails (invoices) accordingly and populate in the outlook inbox.

Do not accept a part without an invoice or an invoice without a part.When the parts do arrive, cross reference the part number from the invoice to the part to ensure that it is the correct one we got invoiced for.

Keep in mind that part numbers supersede and may need updated. Open parts to see if they are the correct one, check for damages on the part, mirror match with parts that are here or pictures taken for the file.

Tabs missing, clips/fasteners, sensor holes, fog light holes.

If unsure of mirror matching, communicate back to estimator if part is correct.

Go over parts with technician to make sure there are no questions or wrong parts.

This is after a “pre-check” has been done by the parts department, the tech goes over it again to ensure that all parts are correct. If there is a discrepancy in parts, this is when the parts department is involved.

If a part is wrong, this can be documented on the techs supplement sheet so all parts can be ordered at once.

Label the parts with RO#. (If RO not labelled from vendor, do so).Label the invoice with RO#, highlighted, and enter in system accordingly.

Will go over how to do so in the preferred system.Do not send aftermarket parts over to paint without them being fitted.

When shipments arrive and not all parts are received, immediately follow-up with vendor and make notes on why the shortage.

Be sure to CC or interoffice the production manager and the appraiser and CSR.

Interoffice message production & estimator if critical BO.

If critical B/O source it out and get back to the estimator what you have found.

If needed, be ready to pick up and drop off customers.

Take care of all sublet invoices. (Glass, mechanical, recalibrations, etc.;)

If already added to estimate in summit this is good, if NOT, discuss with estimator on how they would like to do so.

Create invoices for parts that are damaged that we will repair. Copy with RO#, CC email to accounting and send off to vendors.

If vehicle does not come in for a week & next day delivery is available on the part, order a new one versus repairing damaged one.

Production manager to make discretion on how long it will take to repair and how much time we can get for it.

When the parts are sent back to the vendor, a follow-up call & email needs to be done within 24 hours (Outstanding Credits Report). This will be different for couriered parts.

Write on the physical damage area that it is taken care of.

Utilize production schedule arrival & target delivery dates to know what has to go to keep on top of parts.

Dates are not always accurate, when the car is known to be delayed, put the expected delivery date in scheduled out in summit.

Reports & daily tasks must be completed before going home at 5:00pm.

Vehicle Scheduled In Report, Scheduled out, B/O parts report, parts list.

Parts department to remind estimators to put expected parts arrival dates. When parts go on back order, the parts department is responsible for changing the expected parts date.

Should know 48 hours before if a customer needs to be rescheduled.

Paper work may take longer than 5:00pm. It is part of the job to ensure all is finished the day of to make sure all appropriate paper work is completed before moving onto the next job.




Drivers license and vehicle required


Employer: Carstar Collision & Glass Service
How to Apply: Please email

Date Posted:

 July 12, 2021


   August 12, 2021


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